Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mouth Watering

Never surf food blogs when your hungry.
Here are a couple of my favorite food blogs.

She not only has excellent recipes that make your mouth water but she's funny too, very funny. If you live in her area and want to attend a cooking class click on the photo to the left. This women continues to floor me, she raises two young boys, writes cookbooks and magazine articles, host cooking shows, teaches cooking classes and still finds time to share with the rest of us all her amazing asian inspired dishes. Wow.

Also.. Smitten Kitchen (the ever popular) You can't be foodie and not be part of the Smitten Kitchen foodnewsletter.


TasteSpotting which is an all encompassing foodblog, it is a collabrative effort to collect recipes posted throughout the web. Find a recipe on someones blog that needs to be shared or share one of your own. The layout is divine and the photos are works of art and edible at that. Yumm. Drool. I gotta go raid the fridge.