Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a bike no wait it's a stroller no wait its a Taga

A friend of mine who is expecting recently asked my advice on what kind of stroller to buy. I had a feverish flashback of my own stroller shopping experience, recalling hours spent in front of the computer reading reviews on every known stroller. Fretting over every specification- is it easy to clean, lightweight, durable, comfortable, reasonably priced and well of course is it stylish.
In the end I trusted my gut and picked a stroller. it's nice, not perfect but it works for me and my children. So my advice is do a little research make sure there is a good return policy just in case your not satisfied and find that balance between your child comfort, your comfort and your wallet.
But If your adventurous I would recommend the Taga Bike/Stroller, came across this the other day and couldn't resist fantasising about taking my kids for a ride. While it's sold only in Europe right now I'm sure if you "Grease the right wheel" you may be able to finagle yourself a Taga.

Taga will be available soon through selected nursery and bicycle stores in Europe.
The list of stores will be available soon

Taga B.V.Beurs - World Trade CenterBeursplein 37P.O. Box 302473001 DE Rotterdam,The Netherlands T: +31-10-4054370
28 Beit Hillel st.Tel-Aviv, Israel 67017
T: +972-3-6241578F: +972-3-6242136