Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cupcakes….so much more

The cupcake was said to have made its debut  around 1826 when we can see its first recording in an American cookbook being given its name not for its size and shape but for the quantity of ingredients used within. The controversy arises with a conflicting recipe from 1796 has the cakes baked in cups.  In either case many hold firm that it is an American invention.  For more in the cupcake history please link to

Famous / Infamous Cupcakes in History

Now for some Etsy Cupcake shopping.

 Baby Blue Floral Cupcake Liners (45)MINI Green and White Polka Dot Cupcake Liners (45)Jumbo Cupcake Muffin size Gold Baking Liners (48)MINI Pretty Pastel Tulip Cupcake Liners (45)MINI Elenor Green Floral Designer Cupcake LIners (40)JUMBO Liv Blue with Pink Roses Designer Cupcake LIners (20)

Bird Cupcake StandPorcelain CupcakeDollhouse Miniature - Cupcake Casings - 12 Greasepaper Cases - 16 FoldsKEEP CALM AND HAVE A CUPCAKE ready to frame matted PRINT fits 11x 14 frame vintage RED

Cupcake liners from CupcakeSocial on $3 -$7

Bird cupcake stand from Whitneysmith’s $38

Porcelain cupcake Kgrandey $35

Dollhouse miniature cupcake casings from Snowfern’s Miniatures $4-6

Keep calm and have a cupcake print from Jennysbakeshop $26

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{all photos published with permission} 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

YouTube - How not to make bread


Made some bread today and wanted to make sure I was following proper technique.  This guy sure taught me a thing or two.

Eric Carle Blog

I have read “A very Hungry Caterpillar over 500 times” My oldest makes the munching sound my second likes to poke his finger into the holes and my youngest well she likes how it tastes and I like that it always makes them smile.  Thank you Mr. Eric Carle.

 Eric Carle Blog

Eric Carle Blog

Friday, December 4, 2009


When I was pregnant with my second I had gone for a routine ultra sound, Baby was healthy and looked great the tech informed me though that they were out of printer paper for the ultra sound machine so alas I would not have a picture of the event. I understood and said something like “No worries”. The really neat thing is, when I was leaving the technician came running down the hall. She had the Ultra sound image transferred to an X-ray sheet. How very nice of her to go through the trouble and how very COOL. Looking through some boxes the other day I came across the X-ray sheet. Should I make it into a lamp? Now that I have it what's the best way to display it? Well Google to the rescue, but got sidetracked and found artist Nick Veasey instead just had to share.  photo Nick Veasey