Friday, February 26, 2010

Cheap Husband / Fathers Day Coupon Book.

For my (cheap) husband’s birthday I made a coupon book. It was really the only solution for a chronically, disturbingly, cheap man.

He loved it. Calling him “Beautiful” is an inside joke.


Thought you all might benefit from it as well.

Coupons 1-4

Coupons 5-8

Coupons 9-Rules/cover

Simply print, cut and staple. I had started to get fancy by making a cover for the coupon book, I quickly realized that my husband wouldn’t care and that he was a staple kind of guy anyway.

This could also make an easy Fathers day gift too.

Let me know how it goes.

What we are Reading Now

Fabre’s Book of Insects by Jean Henri Fabre

I’m read this to the boys before naptime, there are no pictures and the language is pretty complex for the boys but they pick-up on the key words about the bugs and beetles.

The Tale of Mrs.Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter

I read this to my daughter when I nurse her to sleep, I have other similar books from Beatrix Potter but this one I have memorized so I don’t really have to worry about holding the book.

Our Solar System by Seymour Simon

The boys flip through this one all day long. Then they pick up whatever object looks most like a rocket ship and they say Blast Off about a million times and land on planets and pick up rock samples and take readings of the gases and dust on each planet. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

 All Aboard America: Classic American Trains

All Aboard America, Classic American Trains Edited by Melville Wheaton

I picked this one up at a campground, pick-up a book leave a book kind of thing, thought the boys would enjoy it for a day or two. My oldest LOVES it. He often asks in his sweetest voice “Momma, can you tell me the trains and things?” how can I resist? We have had the book now 6months. I now have an extensive knowledge of the Classic American Train.