Monday, June 2, 2008

J, my blond blue eyed doll.

Little J, you were 7 months old when this photo was taken. Your dad, your brother S, and I took you to the Okinawan Zoo. You loved it, you were so hard to hold, constantly wiggling in my arms to see all the animals you wanted so desperately to reach out and touch everything.
Your now 8 months old and you have mastered the combat crawl. Pulling with your arms and dragging you legs behind you, hey it's workin' for you. You enjoy Eskimo Kisses and when I rub your nose with mine you get very still and giggle softly. It warms my heart. Lately you have had a hard time of soothing yourself to sleep, so I sing to you, Amazing Grace usually does the trick and I rub your chest and when you are ready you roll onto your side and grab your doggy (which was a gift from your Great Aunt Lori). Your brother S is your hero and all you ever want is for him to come over and play with you. When he does you wiggly uncontrollably and reach out to him and yank on whatever you get a hold of be it hair or clothing or even an eye socket. S thinks you are kinda neat but occasionally he bonks you on the head with a truck or block and then looks shocked that you scream and cry. This brotherly love is a learning curve for the both of you. The cat, Law, is another wonder in your world. You spend most of your day chasing him about the living room and just as he gets within your reach he slyly moves another three feet out of your grasp. I'm still not sure what you plan to do with him once you catch him. Your dad is itching to start tossing you around and I may not be able to keep and bay very much longer, but I have feeling that your going to love rough housing with him. I'm just not prepared for the scraps and the bumps and the rushing to emergency rooms after one of you zigs while the other zags, and well, accidents do happen. I tell your father this all the time, he says I worry to much. true.
Love Mom.