Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday again and again and again

S, you had your birthday a couple weeks ago. Just about everyday since has also been your birthday. You sing Happy Birthday to yourself and build your blocks into the shape of a cake with candles on it and you run up to me and say "bwow candules!" or "Chwocowate Cake" so funny. The confusion may be from the trickling in of gifts from Great Aunts and second cousins. Since we live so far away the post sometimes takes awhile. So I understand the confusion when you have received a package with a birthday card and gifts every couple of days. It sure has been fun watching you enjoy it so much.

Future Diaper Bag.

I have a great diaper bag right now. It's made by a Japanese handbag company called Hushhush. It's great, lots of pockets inside and out and adjustable shoulder strap. I'm able to carry enough essentials for two children and myself. But, *sigh, isn't it always greener.....

The bag below looks amazing. If my current bag should happen to meet some untimely end.. well, lets just say, I'd get this diaper bag, after allowing myself a short mourning period for my Hushhush, very short.

It's expensive but I can justify that by calling it an investment. right? It's being sold at Modern Tots, a tre' chic store for the modern baby.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm obsessed with miniature items. I'll bring home products of all kinds, items we don't even need, as long as it's small and compact and to me just adorable! It drives my husband batty. Miniature soda cans, soaps, shampoos, those cute little Tabasco bottles. If it's small I want it. I had this *ahem, problem well before my children were born but it has escalated well beyond anything healthy. I blame it on my diaper bag. The need to fit in every possible item that may help in any possible situation. It's got to be small, compact, and light. Am I the only one who thinks this way? It's true that you can find anything and I do mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, on the web. Look what I found. The mother load of minis.Company called Minimus caters to the compulsive mini shopper in all of us.

For all of you know-it-alls and even for the rest of us who want to be know-it-alls. Enjoy, Squidoo