Monday, September 23, 2013


Its been a stressful day. Had the two yyoungest in bed with me since 3am-ish. Two year-old crawled into my bed saying his head hurt and proceeded to sprawl out in the center of the bed and snore. My youngest (6mths) woke shortly there after wanting her third meal of the night and didn’t want to go back to bed after two failed attempts to lay her back in her bed I simple found enough space for the two of us curled at the foot of the bed. She spent most of the next couple hours pulling at my hair or grabbing my nose. I hit snooze several times I do mean several times! Finally got my last warning. Got up got dressed got my 2 yr old dressed changed two diapers. Told my 4 yr old, 6 yr old and 7 yr old to get up and get dressed. served breakfast cereal made lunches for kids helped get them all dressed scrambled to find belts and socks for boys. combed hair shoes on and tied in the van. dropped boys of 5 min late headed to drop of daughter she started to whin that she didn’t feel well I thought she just didn’t want to go to school. boy was I ever wrong. she vomits all over her self and carseat and van floor. Tell the Sister who watches of the parking lot that she wont be making it to school. head home get daughter in bath baby nursed and down for a nap and two year old coloring at table. phone rings my older son is having problems and wont do the class work. he wont come to the phone to talk with me could I come down to the school and talk with him? sure. Get ddaughter out of bath dressed comfy and warm. wake up sleeping baby. pull two yr old from coloring load back in the van. get to school drag them all in with me. Talk with son for 5 mins in which he looks sad and tells me hell do whats asked of him. get back in van head home. car still needs to be cleaned of vomit. kids in the house lunch made. baby down for a nap. kids in room for nap and quiet time. of wich neither seems to be happening. separate kids into different rooms. waiting for them 2 year old to fall asleep so I can head out and clean the car. Its now 2pm and may have only half an hour to clean before picking boys up from school. Side note- It was picture day at school and I forgot to get evelope in to buy pictures.

Morning Stretches Mood Boosting Yoga.

My Goals. Keep it simple keep it simple....Week 1

So, Its important to set goals. Give your mind something concrete to strive for and to ensure you have enough victories to further boost your confidence to complete future goals. I have adopted a mantra. Keep it simple, Keep it simple.....

I have a tendency to get WAY ahead of myself, to write a list that runs on for pages, to expect in an eighteen hour day to accomplish everything! I'll write my list and I've already psyched myself out by getting discouraged by all I have to do.

Every heard the phrase "Know thyself"? 10th century Greek encyclopedia have it noted as a proverb, warning those whose "boasts exceed what they are" and Plato and Socrates debated its meaning Plato believing it as more of an commandment to "know your place" and Socrates thinking its meaning- that before you can know others you must "better know yourself." Philosophy lesson aside, I am aware of my tendency to be discouraged from success before I even start toward a goal.

By knowing this I have in a way inoculated my self (hopefully) from recreating my past mistakes. I have to keep goals simple and manageable, slow and steady, not get the cart before the horse, etc. Hence the mantra. Keep it simple, keep it simple....

For this 1st Week September 23-28, 2013

1. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
2. Prep Breakfast, 2 snacks and Lunch the night before
3. In bed by 930pm
4. Wake at 530am do morning yoga stretches.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo Timeline

I cant ever recall having a weight problem I was always "naturally thin" and some may have even said to thin. For a time in High School I had the nickname "Twig.
I joined the Air Force. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. My metabolism was thru the roof. I couldn't understand when friends started dieting and many took extremely dangerous diets to meet Fitness Regulations in the military.
I did for a short time get involved in fitness. I went to the gym and exercised three or four times a week. I worked out to Abs of Steel video just about everyday. My bosses assigned me the job of Fitness Monitor for my squadron. I took many classes on proper diet and exercise.
I finished my contract with the military went back to college and got engaged. I start to notice a little weight gain but just some extra squish here and there.
I got married and did like most brides-to-be exercised before the wedding to be able to fit nicely in my dress.
We went on our honeymoon. We ate out just about every night
Shortly after moving overseas we found out we were expecting our first child.
I ate for two and three and maybe four really.
After each child I held onto an extra Ten pounds.
My second, another 10lbs
and third (I notice about now that fewer pictures if any are of me or I've taken the photos in such a way to avoid catching my body on camera)

and fourth
and now with my fifth child now 6 months old I've got 55 extra pounds on me. I've used pregnancy as an excuse to long. Its important for not only my future health but for the example I set for my children that I adopt a healthier lifestyle.

My Fitness Plan/ Preplanning Day 1

I debated for a very long time whether or not to post about my endeavor to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In truth, I am so embarrassed. I have gained a noticeable amount of weight. I realized today that every morning I wake up determined to start my fitness plan and every morning I easily find a thousand excuses to put it off till tomorrow.

More than my appearance is my concern for my health. I'm tired all the time, my ankles and knees hurt, my back hurts, I have frequent headaches and I catch every cold and virus my five kids bring home and the illnesses linger far longer than they should; which tells me my immune system is weak.

My appearance has affected my social life as well. I make all sorts of excuses to my husband, family and friends to avoid social gatherings. I am self conscious about how my clothes fit and I am also aware how physically uncomfortable I am around others whom I perceive to be judging me. I have become a recluse. I no longer recognize myself, neither in the mirror or in spirit. I am so far removed from who I once was that it pains me.

I'm not a type A, over achiever, never have been most likely never will be. My motivation in life does not come from within but from without. I need to held accountable for decisions (or lack thereof) that I have and will make for myself. That's why I'm starting these series of posts about fitness, health and well-being.

My plan is to post a to-do list for the following day or week to be accomplished with a deadline and update that post on what actually was done and how I fared. I am hoping in this way I will imagine in my mind a group of supporters/ motivators tracking me and holding me accountable.

So here it goes. Lets start off simple.

- Make appointment to see Family Practitioner to discuss fitness goals (call Monday morning)

- Hop on scale record current weight and take body measurements (post on Monday)

- Post Photo Timeline of weight gain. (Post by end of today. Saturday)

- Drink 8 glasses of water

- Go to bed by 9pm (I'd like to just write get 8 hours of sleep but I'm still nursing once or twice a night so uninterrupted sleep is something of a mystical unicorn for me)

That's it, simple right?

Sunday, September 16, 2012