Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eat the seasons | food seasons

When planning my grocery shopping I wanted to be sure I was buying fruits and veggies in season since typically they are the most economical to buy. Found this site and not only do they break down by month but they also give history, country of origin, what to look for when purchasing, how best to store and preserve, and recipes to try. This is perfect. What's good to eat this week?

eat the seasons | food seasons

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jim's Pancakes

My husband can make a mean blueberry pancake. Me, well, I serve the kids their daily minerals in the form of burnt crust. This guy, this guy takes pancake making to a whole new level.  3D Dinosaur Pancake The Potty Pancake

Jim's Pancakes

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New @ ModCloth

 Anything But Ordinary Dress

Anything But Ordinary Dress $103

What a Trooper! Coat

What a Trooper Coat $103

Angel in a Blue Dress

Angel In a Blue Dress $118

Vest and Relaxation

Vest and Relaxation $55

Guest of Honor Dress

Guest of Honor Dress $74


New Arrivals | Mod Retro Vintage Clothing & Indie Clothes |

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prudent Baby: Nursery Bedding Tutorial Round Up

When my baby girl was on her way I went a little nuts trying to find the perfect bedding for her nursery. I found a custom made set that was well over $600 my husband quickly put the kibosh on that and I couldn't in all honesty justify the purchase. It’s good that I didn't get the expensive bedding considering the explosive diapers Baby T has had and that couture bedding would by now be Tre’ Trash. I was excited to read Prudent Baby’s post on DIY baby bedding round up. This I can do.

Prudent Baby: Nursery Bedding Tutorial Round Up

Friday, May 14, 2010


I love Mike Rowe! I’m a happily married women and mother to three but If I ever met Mike Rowe I might squeal like a school girl and faint. I think my husband might too. Here is his website dedicated to showing and celebrating the working men and women of America.

Photo courtesy of the Discovery Channel


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leandro Castelao



My boys have started to notice how important shapes are. We spend much of the day finding basic shapes among the mundane objects around us. “look ma this is an oval.” As my second points to the milk he just purposefully spilt on the floor. Or while folding laundry my eldest holding my bra says “Momma, I found two triangles.” Yes, son, lets put that away now.  Probably why my boys got such a kick looking at Leandro’s graphic artwork and it’s way better than pulling out my undergarments and cleaning up spills.

Leandro Castelao

Brook Farm General Store — Home

 Image of Aigle Malouine BootImage of Sigg Mini Lunchbox

Image of ABC BlocksImage of Market Backpack


Brook Farm General Store — Home

Divine Twine — Divine Twine - Home of Eco-Friendly Bakers Twine

Image of Divine Green Bakers Twine - Green Apple 

Divine Twine — Divine Twine - Home of Eco-Friendly Bakers Twine

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


flores del sol mothers day bouquet

I’ve been spending allot of time here at Lushlee trying to catch-up on all of her posts. What a wonderful site for inspiration.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Acoustic system "Stones"

I’m not usual the one in our house to go nuts over electronics. My husband built out home computer over a year ago and I still hear about how exciting it was to do. All I really hear is “whah wah wahhwa.” I always reply “Yes, honey, your the man” This buys me some time before I hear about his great and agonizing decision on our VOIP or some other wireless doodad or electronic doohickey he purchased. But this time I am gaga for an electronic. “Stones” so sleek and minimal. *sigh precious. I might disguise these as a father’s Day gift.


Acoustic system "Stones" on the Behance Network

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cheap Husband / Fathers Day Coupon Book.

For my (cheap) husband’s birthday I made a coupon book. It was really the only solution for a chronically, disturbingly, cheap man.

He loved it. Calling him “Beautiful” is an inside joke.


Thought you all might benefit from it as well.

Coupons 1-4

Coupons 5-8

Coupons 9-Rules/cover

Simply print, cut and staple. I had started to get fancy by making a cover for the coupon book, I quickly realized that my husband wouldn’t care and that he was a staple kind of guy anyway.

This could also make an easy Fathers day gift too.

Let me know how it goes.

What we are Reading Now

Fabre’s Book of Insects by Jean Henri Fabre

I’m read this to the boys before naptime, there are no pictures and the language is pretty complex for the boys but they pick-up on the key words about the bugs and beetles.

The Tale of Mrs.Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter

I read this to my daughter when I nurse her to sleep, I have other similar books from Beatrix Potter but this one I have memorized so I don’t really have to worry about holding the book.

Our Solar System by Seymour Simon

The boys flip through this one all day long. Then they pick up whatever object looks most like a rocket ship and they say Blast Off about a million times and land on planets and pick up rock samples and take readings of the gases and dust on each planet. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

 All Aboard America: Classic American Trains

All Aboard America, Classic American Trains Edited by Melville Wheaton

I picked this one up at a campground, pick-up a book leave a book kind of thing, thought the boys would enjoy it for a day or two. My oldest LOVES it. He often asks in his sweetest voice “Momma, can you tell me the trains and things?” how can I resist? We have had the book now 6months. I now have an extensive knowledge of the Classic American Train.