Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Get your blog listed! Blog Directory

I had to add this before signing off for the day. I came across Delightful Blogs and think it is fantastic. What a plethora of blogs to get lost in, and such a quick way to find the blogging community that interests you most. The sites boast at having 2013 blogs listed and I'm sure they are adding more each day. My fingers are just tingling to be let loose to flip through all 2,013 sites. I have to make my husband a big fat turkey sandwich, just load him up on all that sleep inducing tryptophan, that way I can get some quality surfing done with out having to battle him for the computer. I highly recommend adding your blog to the site they have a registration form and you have to meet certain criteria, have to have been up and running for at least three months (that takes me out right there) but if you fit the bill why not add your site so that your message can be showcased for others to find. I'm counting my three months down till I can add my blog.

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