Friday, January 8, 2010

TV trays

I grew up having most family meals cooked in the microwave. Not every time but a good percentage.  TV dinners were popular.  I liked how it was all divided up. organized. Its funny now that my favorite plates in the house are my kids divided trays.  They seem to like them as well. We do not on the other hand own a microwave (Our personal choice to forgo free radicals in the house) and we do not eat in front of the TV (way to distracting for the little ones) plus its nice to sit around the table and listen to stories about trains and bugs. I still like the TV trays and have been trying to find a nice set for us grown-ups in the house. The Below are all contenders.

BIA White Divided TV Tray

BIA White Divided TV Tray $12 from Retro Planet  (Above My favorite by far)

Product Image Melamine Pink Cafeteria Tray S/4

Melamine Pink Cafeteria Tray $4 Target (not crazy about Melamine but its nice to now that it can be dropped and not shatter)

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Foil 210L $.95 Kitchendance (I like the above not for everyday use but sending guest home with leftovers would be nice)

Spice GrinderSing Sing Dinner Tray $15 Eat just like the prisoners do! But better. This is fashioned after the cafeteria trays used in New York's Sing Sing prison. Bound to be a conversation piece during any TV dinner.

Café Blanc™ Urban Picnic™

Work of art and pricey too. Cafe Blanc Urban Picnic 6 pc set $60 (Have to file this away under “When the kids are grown and we win the lottery” category.)

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