Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Color Chalenge

The Challenge:
You select a color and shoot with that color in mind, all month long. Then next month, you choose another color. I have a new Canon, and I'm very intimidated by it. It's not just a point and shoot camera, there is alot to learn here. My husband bought it for me to not only to document our growing family but to have a creative outlet but I rarely take it out the truth I am fearful that I'll drop it.  This challenge will force me to work all this out. Now here is the rub I asked my two year old what color we should begin with.....yeah what was I thinking. Well we are starting with the color BROWN. yep brown. Brown isn't exciting but like all colors it can be beautiful. This month has one more day to it and I need to take some photos. I'll do my round up of the color every Thursday. With a "Best of" on the last Thursday of every month. got it? I hope if your interested and able you will join the challenge.

Hosted by Trevor @ Photochallenge.org

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