Friday, March 2, 2012

Color Photo Challenge 2012 : Yellow


059029I started by shooting the obvious, yellow bananas, the yellow lovey bear that is shared between all the kids, and the yellow little tike truck in the back yard. But I was most surprised by the unobvious places I spotted yellow in. The cats eyes, my blond children, and how my favorite striped yellow cardi brought out the yellow tone in my skin. I’m really enjoying this Photo challenge its really waking me up to colors all around me.

Ive been letting my kids pick the colors for each month and its up to my oldest for March. It is totally obvious he’s in school because to a school kid March means St Patrick’s Day and Patty’s day means GREEN. So green it is. I already noticed the Lumber yard by our church has this rustic green painted storage shed that would make for a good submission this month. See ya at the end of march.

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