Friday, September 25, 2009

The life of J

J, you are such a handful you truly wear me out. You love pulling our red wagon and all the neighbors think its hilarious that you'll pull your older brother all around the campsite never once wanting to take a break. I think you might pull that wagon all day if given the chance. You are tough, you'll take a nose dive from the couch and come up laughing. Your smart, rarely asking questions you learn by watching and listening. You are so funny with a great laugh. Your Dad said just the other day "J has such a great laugh, right from the belly kind of laugh" he's right. Your growing up and wanting to be so independent. Stay my little boy just a little while longer let me help you once in awhile and hold you tight and imagine your still my little baby boy. When I say for a little while longer how about just a hundred more years thats not to long, right?
love, Mom

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