Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo Timeline

I cant ever recall having a weight problem I was always "naturally thin" and some may have even said to thin. For a time in High School I had the nickname "Twig.
I joined the Air Force. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. My metabolism was thru the roof. I couldn't understand when friends started dieting and many took extremely dangerous diets to meet Fitness Regulations in the military.
I did for a short time get involved in fitness. I went to the gym and exercised three or four times a week. I worked out to Abs of Steel video just about everyday. My bosses assigned me the job of Fitness Monitor for my squadron. I took many classes on proper diet and exercise.
I finished my contract with the military went back to college and got engaged. I start to notice a little weight gain but just some extra squish here and there.
I got married and did like most brides-to-be exercised before the wedding to be able to fit nicely in my dress.
We went on our honeymoon. We ate out just about every night
Shortly after moving overseas we found out we were expecting our first child.
I ate for two and three and maybe four really.
After each child I held onto an extra Ten pounds.
My second, another 10lbs
and third (I notice about now that fewer pictures if any are of me or I've taken the photos in such a way to avoid catching my body on camera)

and fourth
and now with my fifth child now 6 months old I've got 55 extra pounds on me. I've used pregnancy as an excuse to long. Its important for not only my future health but for the example I set for my children that I adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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