Monday, September 23, 2013

My Goals. Keep it simple keep it simple....Week 1

So, Its important to set goals. Give your mind something concrete to strive for and to ensure you have enough victories to further boost your confidence to complete future goals. I have adopted a mantra. Keep it simple, Keep it simple.....

I have a tendency to get WAY ahead of myself, to write a list that runs on for pages, to expect in an eighteen hour day to accomplish everything! I'll write my list and I've already psyched myself out by getting discouraged by all I have to do.

Every heard the phrase "Know thyself"? 10th century Greek encyclopedia have it noted as a proverb, warning those whose "boasts exceed what they are" and Plato and Socrates debated its meaning Plato believing it as more of an commandment to "know your place" and Socrates thinking its meaning- that before you can know others you must "better know yourself." Philosophy lesson aside, I am aware of my tendency to be discouraged from success before I even start toward a goal.

By knowing this I have in a way inoculated my self (hopefully) from recreating my past mistakes. I have to keep goals simple and manageable, slow and steady, not get the cart before the horse, etc. Hence the mantra. Keep it simple, keep it simple....

For this 1st Week September 23-28, 2013

1. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
2. Prep Breakfast, 2 snacks and Lunch the night before
3. In bed by 930pm
4. Wake at 530am do morning yoga stretches.

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