Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Fitness Plan/ Preplanning Day 1

I debated for a very long time whether or not to post about my endeavor to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In truth, I am so embarrassed. I have gained a noticeable amount of weight. I realized today that every morning I wake up determined to start my fitness plan and every morning I easily find a thousand excuses to put it off till tomorrow.

More than my appearance is my concern for my health. I'm tired all the time, my ankles and knees hurt, my back hurts, I have frequent headaches and I catch every cold and virus my five kids bring home and the illnesses linger far longer than they should; which tells me my immune system is weak.

My appearance has affected my social life as well. I make all sorts of excuses to my husband, family and friends to avoid social gatherings. I am self conscious about how my clothes fit and I am also aware how physically uncomfortable I am around others whom I perceive to be judging me. I have become a recluse. I no longer recognize myself, neither in the mirror or in spirit. I am so far removed from who I once was that it pains me.

I'm not a type A, over achiever, never have been most likely never will be. My motivation in life does not come from within but from without. I need to held accountable for decisions (or lack thereof) that I have and will make for myself. That's why I'm starting these series of posts about fitness, health and well-being.

My plan is to post a to-do list for the following day or week to be accomplished with a deadline and update that post on what actually was done and how I fared. I am hoping in this way I will imagine in my mind a group of supporters/ motivators tracking me and holding me accountable.

So here it goes. Lets start off simple.

- Make appointment to see Family Practitioner to discuss fitness goals (call Monday morning)

- Hop on scale record current weight and take body measurements (post on Monday)

- Post Photo Timeline of weight gain. (Post by end of today. Saturday)

- Drink 8 glasses of water

- Go to bed by 9pm (I'd like to just write get 8 hours of sleep but I'm still nursing once or twice a night so uninterrupted sleep is something of a mystical unicorn for me)

That's it, simple right?

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